Lucky Hours

Lucky Hours

Balthus Van Dake is a famous figure. He is the master of Oren Castle and the founder of the Order of knights named after him. The Knights of Balthus accept recruits into their ranks regularly, but in a very cunning way. They are not looking at the strength of the candidates, but at their... luck! It is luck that the Knights of Balthus consider the most powerful weapon on earth. If you consider yourself lucky, then find Sibi in one of the towns. She is the order's supplier and checks the "Luck" of the recruits in a very clever way.

How to take part

You only need to use the Balthus Knights' Mark and get an event buff — this is the only condition for participating in the draw.

— All characters of level 65 and above can buy a special chest "Balthus Knights' Supply Box" or "Balthus Knights' Mark" in the L-Coin Store.

— Please note that when opening the chest, the character should not be in combat mode. I.e. during the battle, it will not open.

Balthus Knights' Supply




Balthus Knights' Supply Box

700 000 a.

Double-click to obtain 6 Balthus Knights' Marks. Required level: 65+.

(Can be used only once a day.)

Balthus Knights' Mark

300 000 a.

Applies a buff when used.

Required level: 65+.

Acquired XP +30%

Acquired SP +30%

P. Atk. +100

M. Atk. +100

P. Def. +100

M. Def. +100

There is a chance to obtain Special Supplies.

Duration: 20 min.

— The draw takes place in a special event window. The process is fully automated and does not require any actions from the player.

— The marks can be used all at once on the day you've received them, or you can postpone and use them on other days of the event.

— The main prize draw takes place within an hour and consists of 5 attempts. The completion of each draw attempt is marked on a special bar in the event window:

Each draw attempt occurs with a certain chance (not 100%). This means that no one can get the main prize.

The draw time is set randomly. It can take place both in the first minutes and in the last seconds of the hour.

— A gray indicator indicates that the drawing of this hour is over.

— After the winner is announced, the draw ends, and the event stops until the next hour (draw).

— The character must be logged in and under the event buff at the time of the main prize draw.
— The prize is sent to the winner by mail.

Sibi's Coins

— Participants who did not get the main prize can receive a prize for participating in the event window — Sibi's Coins. To get coins, you need to click on the "Receive" button.

— Coins can only be obtained if the main prize has been played on the server. If the main prize is not received by anyone, the coins will not go to anyone.

— Coins can be collected even after the draw is completed. If several main prizes were drawn, the coins accumulate, and you can get them all at once.

— Coins can be used at any time — until the end of the event.

— Coins can be exchanged for various rewards from Sibi.



Sibi's Coins

A coin used as a payment by the Balthus Knights. Can be exchanged for various items from the Game Assistant

Main Prizes

— The main prize of the hour changes depending on the time period. So, if you want to get a particular prize, save your marks for the right time to take part in the drawing of the desired prize.

Usual Time: 01:00 — 12:59 GMT +3



Sibi's Coin Pack

Double-click to obtain 200 Sibi's Coins.

Supplies Time: 13:00 — 18:59 GMT +3



Magic Tablet (Sealed) x31

A tablet filled with magic energy. Required for learning some skills.

Hidden Power Booster (Sealed) x10

A material for upgrading the hidden power.

Dye Booster (Sealed) x10

Required for upgrading patterns and dyes.

Boss Doll Box Lv. 1 (Sealed)

Double-click to obtain one of the following items.

Ancient Adena x500

Ancient coins of old kingdoms. Can be used in the L-Coin Store to create items or be exchanged for various items through the Game Assistant.

 Mission Completion Coupon (Sealed) x100

An item that can be used to complete a mission.

Time of evolution: 19:00 — 22:59 GMT +3



Water Spirit Evolution Stone

Filled with the power of Water Attribute. Use it to evolve Water Spirit.

Fire Spirit Evolution Stone

Filled with the power of Fire Attribute. Use it to evolve Fire Spirit.

Wind Spirit Evolution Stone

Filled with the power of Wind Attribute. Use it to evolve Wind Spirit.

Earth Spirit Evolution Stone

Filled with the power of Earth Attribute. Use it to evolve Earth Spirit.

Time to dress up: 23:00 — 00:59 GMT +3



A-grade Armor Coupon

Can be exchanged for an A-grade armor through the Game Assistant.

A-grade Weapon Coupon

Can be exchanged for an A-grade weapon through the Game Assistant.

Exchange of Sibi's Coins

— During the event, you will receive Sibi's Coins, which can be exchanged for various rewards.

Exchange of Sibi's Coins


Required Items

Sayha's Blessing

Sibi's Coins (1)

Sayha's Storm Lv. 3

Sibi's Coins (1)

Scroll: Enchant Attack

Sibi's Coins (1)

Scroll: Enchant Defense

Sibi's Coins (1)

XP Growth Scroll

Sibi's Coins (1)

Sayha's Blessing Scroll

Sibi's Coins (5)

Berserker's Scroll

Sibi's Coins (7)

Rune Sibi

Sibi's Coins (50)