MultiWorld.ws is a combination of game servers of the Essence and Return of Queen Ant (MultiProf) chronicles, created by a team of like-minded individuals united by a common passion for. Our project is based on years of experience and knowledge accumulated during gameplay and is designed to provide players with a unique and high-quality gaming space.

Key principles of our project include:

  • Carefully crafted technical aspects;
  • Implementation of the latest updates from the Essence chronicles;
  • Maximum adherence to the gameplay mechanics of Korean servers;
  • No interference from the administration in the gameplay;
  • Fair and just decision-making; No wipes or closures of game worlds;
  • Providing the best communication between the administration and players in the market.

The Silver server became the first MultiWorld Essence server, which was opened together with the Essence: Frost Lord update in October 2021. During the first season, Silver gathered a huge number of fans and enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

The next important milestone in Silver's history was the Essence: Vanguard update, which was fully implemented and had no analogs among freeshard servers. This update was available on the server earlier than the official localization in the CIS and Europe.

Continuing to adhere to our principles of supporting all existing game worlds of on our project, in April 2022, the MW-ESSENCE team decided to open the Gold server, which set a new record for the number of players and became the most prominent season opening.

In August 2022, both servers were updated to CRUSADER, once again confirming our constant efforts to provide a unique gaming experience. In September, the Gold and Silver servers were merged, and the game world was named Platinum!

The MultiWorld project constantly strives to be a leader among high-quality servers and always pays attention to the latest game mechanics and updates. We constantly monitor trends and are the first to implement the most advanced changes in the gameplay.

Our next major achievement is the upcoming stage in the history of Essence: Crusader, which we proudly call Diamond. We are already working on preparing this exciting update so that our players can dive into a new, captivating gaming world with even greater possibilities and adventures.

We invite you to join us on the MW-ESSENCE servers and become part of our friendly team of players. Details about the project, updates, and communication with the administration can be found on our Discord server. Join us today and embark on exciting adventures in the world of!

[MultiWorld Discord Server]